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Eddard Stark

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Wrote on 27th April of 2012

Eddard Stark

Eddard Stark and the beginning of duty

Eddard Stark
The honest character for excellence in Game of Thrones (more or less for what we know about him), the knight archetype, is incarnated by Eddard Stark. His strong sense of honour, justice and loyalty drive him from his calm home, Winterfell, to be Hand of the King and, later, to scaffold. Ilyn Payne beheaded Eddard Stark with his own greatsword which is called Ice in the Great Sept of Baelor. In the first chapter of TV series we can see how Eddard punishes one deserter from Night’s Watch with his greatsword. It seems casual but it doesn’t. The circle closes itself in Eddard Satrk because he appears beheading for law and he is beheaded by kingdom and king’s law to which he swore allegiance. How does Eddard Stark arrive to this crucial moment when life forks and one man fulfil glory and other one sinks into mud? Honour, quite simply. For honour and friendship he accepts Robert Baratheon’s offer to access to a post tinged with blood. All for his best friend Robert, his adventures and difficulties companion from their youth. Strong sense of friendship and loyalty are one of this man’s characteristics: Edd Stark, an Aristotelic and Kantian character. He is a family father and law man. For honour and categorical imperative he beheads one man who he believes innocent. Who supports law can’t doubt to apply it because whole legal fabric should go down. Distinction of law, morality and ethics are one of philosophical topics that this delicious TV series offers to us since the first episode. Stark’s ethic decision is to obey law and its principles, its categorical imperatives (how German philosopher from Königsberg, Immanuel Kant, named it). But we can perceive that contradiction. Law isn’t justice, because it can be corrupted, blind or a veil under evil is hided, that is to say, men power ambition. Stark is an idealistic man. He carries law out and accepts his fate but he condemns his own family. Where is here the Justice?

I. Kant
 He lets Cersei Lannister unfaithful Robert’s wife know about his intentions to reveal Joffrey Baratheon’s real fatherhood, who is Iron Throne heir and pure Lannister blood genetically. Humanity act to avoid bloodbath but he condemns himself to die. To let enemy know is like to kiss Judas Iscariote, a rashly thing from kind and “Christian” knight as Eddard Stark. In these circumstances, court vipers have enough time to make a trap to Stark. Sometimes good men get breeding ground for atrocious acts ready. If he hadn’t die, the war should has avoid with a prisoners exchange but after his dead nothing turn to be the same.

Nedd's execution in King's Landing
There is something from Socrates in his fate acceptation, although maybe it isn’t enough because he lied to save his family, something that Greek should never have done. He is captured for ideals and when he betrays it he finds his death. It is too late. He dies because a demanding child locked in a king’s body wants it. Joffrey is hair-raising teenager who seems to get out from McDonald’s advertisement and he is a good casting choice. About his bastard son we talk later…

Hand of the King.

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  2. Hi there. I am not sure if you still update this blog, but would you check out my new Game of Thrones infographic called "Why Did They Have to Die?" Here's the link:
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  3. I for one believe Thorne is similar in being a man of honor and duty, since he strives to protect the Ice Wall. But he's also an ass, I know.

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  7. The thing about Ed Stark is I spent the first season admiring him so much for precisely his principles. I even continued to admire him as he died for them. seeing the suffering of his family in the seasons since has definitely led me to reevalute.

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